Development Control Committee
Monday, 24th February 2020 at 10:00am 









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  1. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  2. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  3. Cllr Charlie Clare
  4. Ms. Katherine Stubbs
  5. Suzanne Winkles
  6. James Suter
  7. David Periam
  8. Mr Tristian Higgs
  9. Cllr Netta Glover
  10. Cllr Janet Blake
  11. Cllr Barbara Gibbs
  12. Cllr Jean Teesdale
1 Apologies for Absence / Changes in Membership
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2 Declarations of Interest
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3 Minutes
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4 CC/0056/19 - Removal of Condition 6, Provision of Cycleway to Application CC/0013/19, Amersham School, Stanley Hill, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP7 9HH
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  1. James Suter
  2. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  3. Cllr Barbara Gibbs
  4. James Suter
  5. Cllr Barbara Gibbs
  6. Suzanne Winkles
  7. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  8. Cllr Charlie Clare
  9. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  10. Cllr Barbara Gibbs
  11. James Suter
  12. Suzanne Winkles
  13. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  14. Cllr Janet Blake
  15. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  16. Cllr Barbara Gibbs
  17. James Suter
  18. Cllr Jean Teesdale
  19. Cllr Charlie Clare
  20. Ms. Katherine Stubbs
  21. Cllr Jean Teesdale
5 Date of Next Meeting
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6 Exclusion of the Press and Public
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  1. Webcast Finished
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