Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee (Tue, 20th Mar 2018 - 10:00 am) 

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Show agenda


  • Cllr Margaret Aston

    Organisation Conservative

  • Cllr Ralph Bagge

    Organisation Conservativedel

  • Cllr Barbara Gibbs

    Organisation Conservative

  • Cllr Tony Green

    Organisation Wycombe District Council

  • Cllr Lin Hazell

    Organisation Conservative

  • Thalia Jervis

  • Mr Caroline Jones

    Organisation Chiltern District Council

  • Cllr Steven Lambert

    Organisation Liberal Democrat

  • Cllr David Martin

    Organisation Conservative

  • Cllr Wendy Matthews

    Organisation South Bucks District Council

  • Cllr Brian Roberts

    Organisation Conservative

  • Ms. Samantha Robinson

    Organisation Buckinghamshire Adult Mental Health Services

  • Marcia Smith

    Position Head of Business Improvement

  • Cllr Julia Wassell

    Organisation East Wycombe Independent

  • Suzanne Westhead

    Position Service Director (ASC Operations)

  • Liz Wheaton

    Position Democratic Services Officer